Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday #30: Kettle Valley Syrah

Kettle Valley 2004 Syrah (BC - $38)

I got all excited about Wine Blogging Wednesday, so excited, in fact, that I ran out last night and spent unprecedented bucks on this lovely bottle from the Kettle Valley Winery. BC doesn't make very many syrahs, and right now the stores are picked over as the new releases are coming in April. I was hoping to get my favourite Mt. Boucherie Syrah, but it is nowhere to be found. In fact, there were only three BC syrahs available in the specialty wine store I went to: a Hainle organic syrah, a Jackson Triggs, and the Kettle Valley. All were quite expensive, so I bit the bullet and bought the most ridiculously priced one.

The blend is 95% Syrah and 5% Viognier. I can't find any official tasting notes. Heck, the wine's not even listed on the winery website.

Our assessment? Very very nice, complicated, tasty and interesting.

It had a beautiful smell: cherries with a bit of tobacco. Later the scent became more fruity and less smokey. On the tongue it had a bite of acid and a lot of green apple, then plummy, pruney, smokey and a bit peaty with a finish that lasted forever. Not a big round mouthful, but complex and a bit elusive.

The syrah would have been perfect with a strong flavoured, rich meal. We didn't eat with it -- or rather, we had my homemade carrot cake but quickly realized that was a mistake and set the cake aside. For me, it was a bit too acidic for a sipping wine. Probably this bottle would have shown off best with a good meal, but then what wine wouldn't?

A little googling has shown that some people are extremely devoted to this wine. Our feelings about are that (for us) it's not best syrah ever but definitely worthy of being photographed with cleavage.

Thanks to Winecast for hosting this event.


winecast said...

Thanks for participating. I'll have to look for this wine the next time I'm in Canada.

Tim Elliott

Farley said...

You probably can't ship wine out of Canada since we can't ship it in, I'm thinking. Which is unfortunate, cause I'd like some of that Syrah.

Kelly said...

Canada imports huge amounts of wine, actually, especially from Australia. I think more Australian wine is sold here than any other kind (including Canadian).

I'll keep hoping for a higher profile for Canadian wines internationally. Someday!

Farley said...

Kelly, Sorry. I should have clarified--I meant on an individual level. I never really see Canadian wines here and was wondering if I'd be able to order them directly from the wineries.

Kelly said...

I phoned my favourite winery and asked if they can ship to the US. And as expected, they said no they can't, because they don't have an export license. I expect the answer would be the same for most of the wines worth having.

Big companies like Jackson Triggs and Mission Hill, do export, though. On the MH site there's a list of US stores that carry their wines. So far I can only vouch for the JT Pinot Noir, which is delish.

Happy hunting!

Peter said...

I just saw that you linked to a blog entry of mine from earlier this year. I'm blushing. And I wish I'd shown some cleavage.

If I weren't at work, I'd be skimming your blog for wine recommendations. We get up to BC a handful of times a year, and we try to make a point of having BC wines while there.

Kelly said...

Hi there Peter -- next time you're in BC try some Mt. Boucherie and Little Straw if you can find them. Yummmm.

I strongly feel that the world needs more cleavage.

Anonymous said...

you can ship wine throughout canada quite easily through express post, i have never had a problem. if yo ucan get your hands on any 2004 okanagan especially that syrah celler it. in 5-10 years you could manage $50-$200 for it from the right person.

Kelly said...

Interesting info Anon! Thanks!