Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Viognier and Me

Jackson Triggs 2007 Proprietor's Reserve Viognier

Take me now, Viognier!

I love Viognier with a love that is true. I love it all, cheap, expensive, French, Chilean, Canadian, whatever wherever and whenever (except when it tastes like Sauv Blanc, or when it costs $40 and tastes like garage-made Pinot Blanc). I buy it whenever I see it. It's my absolute favourite, desert-island varietal. Oh, yes, I love it so.

Imagine how thrilled I was when I tasted this wonderful Okanagan Viognier, from reliable and easily-found Jackson Triggs. This is a new release, and I actually had never seen this varietal from JT in stores. It should be out soon. If you love the Big V like I do, search it out. You'll adore it.

Tasting notes:
This is the 2007, mind. It's still pretty fresh in the bottle and will develop. Right now it's glory to my taste.

The scent is light, salty mineral with sprinkles of flowery perfume. Imagine a glacier scree slope covered in tiny alpine wildflowers. And it tastes like it smells, with no big fruit at this point in its development. There is pear and peach in the long long loooooooong finish, but it's drier than most Viogniers, with more stone. Just absolutely scrumptious and wonderful. I could drink this constantly.

As much as I enjoy fruit scents and flavours, it's wonderful to drink something that has so much mineral and stone character, with so much personality and complexity. I can easily say that this is the best Viognier I've ever had. Ever.


Alyx said...

Peach, yes. I waffled about whether it was that or apricot.

Kelly said...

We all taste different things in wine -- there are no wrong answers!

Alyx said...

Absolutely! And if I'd had more than half a glass, I'm sure that waffle would've resolved itself one way or another.