Monday, June 8, 2009

All hail the BC whites release

Some people like spring because of the lovely flowers it brings. Some love it for the promise of sunshine and summer vacations. I love spring for the BC whites wine releases!

Over the winter the choices of BC wines become increasingly slim as thirsty wine drinkers empty the shelves. By March, pickings can be exceedingly slim. But then comes May 1, with the promise of many delicious new discoveries! Ah, how wonderful!

Here's a shot of my recent haul from Yaletown's VQA specialist Taylorwood:

Taylorwood haul

What have we here? Wild Goose Blanc de Noirs 2008, Stoneboat Nebbia 2007, Jackson Triggs Viognier 2007 (always a favourite), Cedar Creek Ehrenfelser 2008, and Inniskillin Discovery Series Viognier 2008 (something new for them, I think).

This is treasure!!

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Alyx Dellamonica said...

MMMmm, Wild Goose! That is a very lovely picture, you know.